The world of Adam and Eve

Our company consists of 16 enthusiastic A-level students. Read on to find out more about the people in each individual department.



Robyn Page and Felicity Marshall
Managing Directors


Felicity and Robyn


Charlotte Thomassen-Kinsey



Amanda Craig and Ellie Roworth-Stokes




Ellie Roworth-Stokes, Katherine Morris, Georgi Walker-Duncalf and Aurelia Chan
Human Resources


Katherine and Ellie


Chloe Davies, Lottie Gammie, Rachel Wadkins and Uri Sharma





Rachel Wadkins and Georgi Walker-Duncalf




Mandy Hsieh and Frankie Nayer


Frankie and Mandy


Uri Sharma, Katie Harris and Camilla Cox
Art and I.T.


Camilla and Katie




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