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Feel free to browse through our store. Some items may not be in stock at this time, however, if you get in contact with us, we will endeavour to help.


Incense Sticks - available in 10 different fragrances at £1.50 per packet of 20



Incense Stick Holders - available in 12in at £2.00 and in 10in at £1.50

10" Incense Stick Holder with image
12" Incense Stick Holder with image


Bracelets - available in 9 different colours, all with their own individual meaning
Big Bracelets at £2.50 and Small bracelets at £2.10


Bracelets (Large)
Bracelet (Small)



Mobile phone charms (leaf design) at £2.55 - LIMITED EDITION






Mobile phone charms (apple design) at £2.55 - LIMITED EDITION



Gemstones - available in 6 different colours at £1.00 each



Frangrance oils - available in 7 different fragrances at £1.00 each



Bath bombs - Available in large and small sizes, in 4 different fragrances
Big Bath Bombs at £2.00 and Small Bath Bombs at £1.50

Big Bath Bomb
Small Bath Bomb


All of our products in store at the moment are available to buy, look out for new stock soon.


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